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Vision & Mission
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To achieve excellence in education and to make education a tool for social change for the betterment of the society.
Constituents of the emblem of Vinayaka Mission's University

Lord Vinayaka: Signifies wisdom and divine grace.
The Cap: The graduation headgear of the emblem represents the University status of VMU.
The Pond and The Lotuses : Signify the pond of knowledge imparted to both men and women students.
The Sun : Provides illumination to brighten the mind of the students and effaces the darkness of ignorance.

To spread education globally in the fields of medicine, dental, paramedical, homoeopathy, engineering, management and basic science using existing resources and technology. Vinayaka Missions University strives to spread the cerebral VISION to impart knowledge that is WISDOM which is achieved in the spirit of UNITY.


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